Custom dishes – Ristorante Riviera Venezia

Bathroom with red Asiago and White Lasa waterjet

Kitchen shelf in Carrara marble with dish rack

Counter with carrara marble

Counter with brushed Biancone

Counter with white Covelano

Shower with Roman Travertino

Little table in Carrara stone

Wine rack

Tavolino Florian

Coating doorjamp with Trani

Portal covering in red Asiago


Octagonal sockets

Sink with Lipiza in cooperation with Arch. Gaetano di Gregorio

Shelf with Lipiza

Bathrrom in open spot Yellow Siena

Bathroom in Nut Travertine and White Covelan

Polychrome marble shower base

Grey marble top

Grey Bardiglio Lasa and Carrara waterjet inlaid bathroom

Bathroom in yellow persian Travertine

Yellow persian travertine shower

Carrara kitchen shelfs and backrest (In collaborazione con Arch. Giovanni Rubin, Venezia)(in collobration with Arch. Giovanni Rubin, Venice)

Kitchen shelf white Carrara shaped

Kitchen shelf in peach flower with double tray

Kitchen in brushed Absolute black

Breccia Pernice marble console


Red Asiago shaped fireplace

Imperial Green fireplace

Pentelic White fireplace

Bathroom in Cipollino – In collaboration with Arch. Giovanni Rubin

White Lasa Bathroom (In collaboration with “Eurema Interni” Dolo)

Top in rolled Absolute black

Bathroom in Breccia Pernice with shaped Istria stone columns

Bathroom in roman Travertine

Bathroom with mosaic covering, running floor in Roman Travertine

White covelan bathroom

Bathroom in open stain Statuario Veneto (in collaboration with Arch. Giovanni Rubin, Venice)

Shower coating in Carrara (in collaboration with Arch Leonardo De Carlo, Venice)

Shower base in Carrara, slip-safe

Perlino White marble shelf